Service Master: E-Learning Course On AI Deployment In SMEs

Service master: e-learning course on AI deployment in SMEs

According to the Competence Center for Securing Skilled Workforce Assurance, there is a shortage of around 28,700 IT specialists in Germany.

The consortium of the Service-Meister funding project is publishing an e-learning course for technical service specialists starting in October 2022. This will train specialist staff in the use of artificial intelligence in industrial applications. A major challenge is the shortage of skilled workers: according to the Competence Center for Skilled Workforce Assurance (KOFA), there will be a shortage of around 28,700 IT specialists in Germany in 2022. The new e-learning approach is an offer to train employed specialists and relieve existing teams.

Chat bots and intelligent ticket systems

In the e-learning course, participants learn, for example, how to use and introduce chat bots, smart ticket systems or other AI applications for their work. The e-learning course comprises six chapters with practical insights from the funding project. It aims to make it easier for medium-sized companies to get started with AI applications. The course is now available free of charge for professionals and companies and is offered on the AI Campus

The Service-Master funding project explores the use and benefits of artificial intelligence in five “fast boats” and practical use cases. “With Service-Master, we are leveraging the enormous potential that artificial intelligence offers for SMEs,” explains Andreas Weiss, Head of Business Unit Digital Business Models at eco – Association of the Internet Economy e. V. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and prevailed in the 2019 AI Innovation Competition. The project shows first interim results in the service catalog, which lists AI solutions resulting from the use cases with their specifications.

AI curriculum available for academies and further education institution

The project will result in a learning program for corporate continuing education comprising three parts: Comprehensive training materials in the form of a curriculum form the basis and are now available for academies and continuing education institutions. The curriculum conveys technical principles of AI processes and shows illustrative practical examples from industry. It teaches professionals, among other things, how to assess the benefits of AI applications for their company.

” The second part of the e-learning program is intended to actively enable professionals to develop their own approaches and ideas for their companies,” explains Andreas Weiss from eco, the consortium leader. With the avatar “Gloria” developed for the learning program, professionals learn in a practical, illustrative and straightforward way how they can use AI as a tool to support them in their day-to-day work. The aim is to promote specialist knowledge and the innovative strength of SMEs through targeted further training. The advanced training emphasizes the usability of AI as a tool for SMEs.

In the coming months, the third part of the teaching program will be published with the “Train the Trainer” program. It is aimed at teachers in continuing education institutions. A 16-hour online training course trains specialists to become AI trainers, who can in turn pass on their knowledge in external or in-house training courses.

Registration for the course is available at this link.