Siemens Links Maintenance Solution with Generative AI

Siemens links maintenance solution with generative AI

The industrial equipment supplier is giving its Senseye maintenance solution a good dose of generative AI. The aim is to make maintenance projects more interactive.

The Siemens Senseye Predictive Maintenance solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically create models for the behaviour of machines and maintenance staff. The integration of generative AI is intended to support customers in making better use of existing knowledge. The aim is to make the best possible use of users’ technical skills.

And this is how it works: Machine and maintenance data is currently analysed by algorithms that are automatically trained using machine learning. On this basis, the platform generates notifications for the user within the framework of static, self-contained cases.

In comparison, the new dialogue-oriented user interface of Senseye Predictive Maintenance is designed to provide more flexibility. A direct dialogue between the user, AI and maintenance experts should be possible. According to the provider, this simplifies the decision-making process, making it “more efficient and effective”.

Prescriptive maintenance

To do so, the generative AI scans and groups the recorded cases in the app regardless of language. This enables it to search specifically for similar cases from the past and solutions in order to provide context for current problems.

According to a Siemens press release on the product launch, it is also possible to process data from various maintenance programmes. In order for generative AI to convert data into actionable insights, data quality is only of limited importance. With little configuration effort, scarce maintenance logs and notes on previous cases could also be taken into account in order to expand the knowledge of maintenance staff.

By better contextualising the available information, the app is not only able to detect anomalies in the production process, but also to proactively derive a suitable maintenance strategy (so-called prescriptive maintenance).

The new generative AI functionality in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution Senseye Predictive Maintenance will be available to all Senseye users from the spring.