Sustainability as a Factor in Business Competitiveness

SAP distinguishes between reactive and proactive companies in addressing environmental issues.

Some companies are being reactive in addressing sustainability issues and others are more proactive.

That is, there are those that are environmentally driven by external elements such as their customers and investors, and there are also companies that have developed an internal strategy. The latter, however, are in the minority. They represent 12% of all companies surveyed in the SAP Insights Third Sustainability Wave.

Resolute companies are characterised by taking more sustainable actions and see a strong link between sustainability and the competitiveness of their business.

They are also more likely to expect a quick return on green investments. They see themselves as more profitable. And they end up being less susceptible to lack of finance as a barrier to sustainability or to demonstrating return on investment.

In fact, they are 26.4% more likely to increase sustainability investments over the next three years than others.

In addition, sustainability will contribute to improving the quality of products and services by making processes more efficient.

This is where data comes into play, as an element that allows a more rigorous commitment to sustainability. Resolute companies measure more parameters and make direct measurements rather than relying on assumptions.