Telefónica and Investcorp Invest 14 million Euros in Bit2Me, a Company Specialising in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Telefónica’s investment in Bit2Me also reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration with tech startups

Telefónica has made a significant investment in Bit2Me, the Spanish company specialising in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. The investment amounts to €14 million and has been led by Investcorp and Telefónica Ventures, Telefónica’s venture capital arm.

This investment marks a significant milestone for both Telefónica and Bit2Me as it demonstrates the growing interest of traditional companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Bit2Me, founded in 2014, is a pioneer in the Spanish cryptocurrency market and has experienced remarkable growth in recent years.

Telefónica’s investment in Bit2Me is aimed at strengthening the position of both companies in the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sector. Telefónica seeks to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these technologies to drive its digital transformation and diversify its services.

International expansion

Bit2Me, for its part, will use the funds raised to finance its international expansion and develop new Blockchain-based products and services. The company has gained recognition for its cryptocurrency exchange platform and its wide range of Blockchain-related solutions, such as digital asset issuance and smart contracts.

Telefónica’s investment in Bit2Me also responds to growing customer demand for services related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. More and more individuals and companies are interested in exploring the opportunities offered by these technologies, and Telefónica is seeking to position itself as a key player in this evolving market.

Blockchain technology has become a highly relevant topic in recent years due to its ability to provide transparency, security, and traceability in digital transactions. Since its emergence with the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, it has spread to various areas, including financial services, logistics, healthcare, and more.

Commitment to innovation

Telefónica’s investment in Bit2Me also reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration with technology startups. Telefónica has been actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing support and resources to startups through its Wayra accelerator programme and its investment arm Telefónica Ventures.

The collaboration between Telefónica and Bit2Me will explore synergies between the capabilities and expertise of both companies. Telefónica, with its broad customer base and telecommunications infrastructure, can help Bit2Me to scale and reach a wider audience. On the other hand, Bit2Me can bring its expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to develop innovative solutions in telecommunications and other sectors.