These Are the Prices that Different types of Data Fetch on the Dark Web

A Visa Gold card with a CVV and a balance of $25,000 is priced at around $175, according to research by Bitdefender.

Bitdefender reveals the prices being charged for different types of data on the Dark Web. An investigation into the activity of cybercriminals reveals that credit cards and SIM cards, social media login credentials, and stolen IDs such as passports are big business.

The fact is that many of these products, which are of great value to their owners, end up being sold at “bargain prices”.

For example, a Visa Gold card with CVV with a guaranteed balance of $25,000 is priced at around $175. Just double that, 300 euros, is the amount paid for four SIM cards that work with anonymous numbers to hide the caller’s identity.

Buying 50 000 followers on the photo social network Instagram costs $250. Stolen credentials for 500 million Facebook accounts sell for as little as $20. And a three-year subscription to Netflix for $30.

As for passports, there are forgeries and real documents. The latter do fetch higher prices. A US passport on the Dark Web is valued at 1680 euros. Meanwhile, a biometric EU passport goes for up to €4,500.