Trend Micro Protects Access to Generative AI Services

The company enhances its platform to help manage the risks associated with mass adoption of artificial intelligence technology.

“With great advances in technology inevitably come new cyber risks. Just like the cloud and every other technological leap we’ve made, the promise of the AI era is only powerful if it’s protected.”

With these words, Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro Incorporated, introduces the expansion of Trend Vision One’s capabilities.

“The latest updates to our platform,” she explains, “bring new efficiencies to security teams and provide important guidelines for the use of AI.”

Trend Micro has added AI-powered functionality in Trend Vision One – Zero Trust Secure Access (ZTSA) to combat misuse and abuse. The idea is to protect those accessing public or private generative AI services in organisations. And, ultimately, to manage the risks associated with the mass adoption of this technology.

Trend Micro promises centralised management of employee access and use of intelligent applications, rapid inspection to prevent data leaks or malicious injections, content filtering to ensure compliance, and defence against large language model attacks.

It also recently announced Trend Vision One Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM), which helps mitigate and remediate cyber risks.

By integrating different technology categories into the same offering, it supports proactive risk management throughout the entire lifecycle.

Its new capabilities assist cyber security teams with continuous and accurate assessments across the enterprise environment, which means moving beyond the alternative of isolated visibility or fixed assessments.

“Industry demand for visibility across the entire attack surface is not new,” explains COO Kevin Simzer. “However, customers don’t want a platform that is cobbled together, with disparate solutions lumped together haphazardly. They demand true visibility and the ability to assess risk effectively.”