Twilio Proposes “Nutrition Labels” for Origin Data in AIs

Twilio is proposing to adopt “nutrition facts” labels that would provide transparent information on how data is used in AI systems.

Twilio is calling on industry to adopt “nutrition facts” labels for Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. These labels would work in a similar way to nutrition facts labels on food, but in this case, they would provide transparent information about how the data is used in AI systems. Twilio is also launching a generator for these labels and introducing the “CustomerAI Trust Principles”.

The initiative has been announced by Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, and will be presented at Twilio’s annual SIGNAL conference next week.

Data transparency

For its part, Twilio wants to address the lack of transparency in the use of data in AI systems. The company believes it is important for users and businesses to understand how their data is used in AI applications, especially when it comes to training language models such as those provided by providers like AWS, Google, and OpenAI.

This initiative seeks to increase both business and consumer confidence in AI-based personalisation and data security. The call for labelling and transparency of data used in AI systems is an attempt to bridge the trust gap between companies using AI to personalise experiences and consumers who may have concerns about privacy and data use.