4 Factors Driving the Data Centre Ecosystem in 202

Sustainability, energy efficiency, automation and artificial intelligence will be the focus of business attention.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two trends that will highly influence the development of the data centre sector in 2024.

The digital infrastructure specialist firm Cad&Lan reminds us that reducing energy consumption remains a major concern for companies, and this includes their data centres. This will lead them to opt for renewable energies instead of fossil fuels and for the implementation of more efficient solutions that allow them to control their emissions.

“Improving energy efficiency helps to reduce operating costs and improve the sustainability of facilities,” explains Cad&Lan in making its predictions for this year.

Such sustainability contributes to regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and improved reputation and brand image. Obtaining green certifications also paves the way for operating in certain markets and receiving support from investors and funds to meet environmental, social and governance criteria.

Another factor to take into account is the automation of routine tasks such as energy management, scheduling, performance monitoring or the resolution of grid inefficiencies. This provides agility, freeing the human team from part of their workload so that they can concentrate on strategic tasks of greater added value.

Finally, the weight of artificial intelligence will also be felt in data centres. Specifically, in the collection and analysis of large amounts of data to obtain information and take action, from predictive maintenance and anomaly detection to the adoption of authentication and access authorisation policies and real-time threat response.