Fujitsu Uvance to Offer Fujitsu Data Intelligence PaaS

As part of its AI strategy, Fujitsu will continue to focus on commercializing the Fujitsu Kozuchi platform.

Fujitsu will deepen collaboration between people and technology as a new company-wide artificial intelligence (AI) strategy.

Its idea is for AI to function as a trusted assistant capable of boosting not only productivity, but also creativity.

On the one hand, it will offer Fujitsu Data Intelligence PaaS as part of Fujitsu Uvance and deliver consulting services for AI from next month in Japan and for the rest of the world starting April.

Fujitsu Data Intelligence PaaS will incorporate Fujitsu Track and Trust, a blockchain offering that facilitates data linkage and traceability across businesses and industries.

In addition, Fujitsu will maintain the commercialization of its Fujitsu Kozuchi platform to support testing and deployment of advanced solutions.

The Japanese multinational is working on its own generative AI specialized in images and codes and on the development of a technology that integrates its own models with those of partner companies.