Medical Practice Software From the Cloud

Medical Practice Software From the Cloud

RED Medical Systems has developed cloud-based software so that doctors have more time for the essentials.

Medical practices in Germany are opening up more and more to digitalisation. According to a joint study by Bitkom and the Hartmannbund medical association, at the end of 2022 around 64 percent of the doctors surveyed believed that digital technologies would fundamentally improve medical care for people.

Pioneering work in the healthcare sector

But doctors and psychotherapists often find themselves facing time-consuming and cost-intensive IT in their practices. The founders of RED Medical Systems therefore developed user-friendly practice software that runs entirely in the cloud. This shift to the cloud was a paradigm shift in healthcare environments. Initially, the company wanted to run their software in a US cloud, but after a brief interlude, ultimately decided to switch to a German public cloud. The obligation to handle sensitive customer data according to strict German healthcare industry data protection standards made the move necessary.

RED Medical Systems opted for Gridscale’s public cloud, which offers certified German and European cloud locations. In addition, the company can access innovative tools here such as managed database and container services, load balancers and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The search for a platform that enables extensive automation of software operations also played a central role in the switch to a German cloud.

Highly secure cloud from Germany

Another advantage of switching to a German cloud was the possibility to combine technology and data protection. Gridscale offered RED a combination of data protection, powerful cloud tools and ease of use. The 100 per cent DSGVO-compliant cloud provider from Cologne is also ISO-certified and has received several awards, including Trusted Cloud Service, the label of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection for trustworthy cloud services.

The complete migration was successfully completed within six weeks. With Gridscale, the pioneer for practice software can automate almost everything; infrastructure and database services can be set up directly by code command. This makes the further development of the practice software faster and more efficient – and allows the company to continue to grow.

Software for video consultations

Location-independent digital services for patients such as video consultations were offered only hesitantly before the worldwide Corona pandemic. Security concerns and worries about the necessary conversion effort were too great. This shows all the more the great importance of cloud-based systems. Because the pandemic has brought the need for solutions such as video consultation to the fore. RED Medical Systems’ solution became the first point of contact for thousands of medical practices and nearly 60,000 psychotherapists using the software for video consultations. This sudden demand, coupled with high security standards, made RED the market leader in this field practically overnight.