Technology, Essential for Business Sustainability

SEIDOR notes that the adoption of new technologies is “key to gaining competitiveness” and overcoming challenges of “economic, social and environmental sustainability”.

Technology is indispensable for driving sustainability. This statement is shared by 93% of senior management in our country, according to the IT Barometer of the Spanish company 2023 prepared by the consulting firm SEIDOR.

The implementation of digital tools or the automation of processes contributes to energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions. But that is not the only benefit that businesses see. For example, improvements in connectivity make it possible to optimise the use of resources through teleworking and online meetings. Technology also increases accuracy in product tracking and supply chain management.

“As companies make greater commitments to sustainability, their managers are becoming aware of the value of technology in meeting them,” says Alfonso Ramos, director of SEIDOR’s Transformation unit, who encourages organisations to “move forward in their adoption of new technologies as they are the key to gaining competitiveness and overcoming challenges in their economic, social and environmental sustainability”.

Today, 8 out of 10 managers say that digital transformation improves competitiveness because new tools help them to understand the environment and respond. For 9 out of 10 managers, greater responsiveness is crucial, although there are still stumbling blocks.

One of the barriers they struggle with is managers’ own awareness. Only 1 in 4 top executives believe that technology is key to transforming the business they run, although 9 out of 10 believe it is very important.