VMware Cross-Cloud Services Now Available In Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers now have access to VMware Cross-Cloud services to leverage the scalability, reliability and agility of Azure and thus promote application development and shape business strategies.

New VMware Cross-Cloud services are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling customers to leverage the platform to accelerate application modernization, migrate workloads to the cloud faster, and more securely and efficiently scale the virtual desktops that support teams.

Azure Marketplace has the following VMware Cross-Cloud services available:

  • Microsoft Azure VMware Solution: integrated hybrid cloud service that operationally provides a logical and simple way to run, manage and modernize VMware vSphere-based applications in the Azure cloud, plus seamless access to other innovative Azure services.
  • VMware Tanzu: modular application platform for building, running and managing modern applications on Azure and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier: fully managed service for Spring applications from Microsoft built in partnership with VMware. The Enterprise tier is in public preview.
  • VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure: VMware-managed service that delivers virtual desktops and applications directly from Microsoft Azure with all the benefits of VMware Horizon.

Zia Yusuf, senior vice president of strategic ecosystem and industry solutions at VMware, said, “Today’s businesses crave the ability to consume and deploy solutions that can deliver immediate business results. The availability of our VMware Cross-Cloud services in Azure Marketplace will enable improved cost-effectiveness and speed of execution for our customers.” He adds, “VMware Cross-Cloud services enable customers to drive the digital innovation they seek with the business control they demand.”